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“Leonardissimo!” international competition

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016, 10:47

The Royal Château of Amboise was a major source of inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci, who resided in Amboise (1516-1519) on the invitation of the sovereign François 1er.

Visitors are invited to offer their interpretation of the décor of the royal château and Leonardo da Vinci’s works.

Every work created on site or at home can be photographed and shared on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Leonardissimo-264133883921421/ and be entered into the “Leonardissimo!” international competition in order to elect an artist of the month, of the season and of the year. Among the main prizes to be won, there are stays in Amboise, Florence and Rome, all key cities that played host to Leonardo da Vinci during his life.

Competition duration: from 1st May 2016 to 31st December 2019

  • The techniques accepted: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography (Tiff, jpeg format), video (mp4, mpg, mov; flv format).
  • Categories for participants:
    -Cat. 1/A: Individual child’s work – under 7 years
    -Cat. 2/A: Individual child’s work – from 7 to 17 years
    -Cat. 2/B: Collective children’s work – from 7 to 17 years
    -Cat. 3/A: Individual adult work (over 18) amateur
    -Cat. 3/B: Individual adult work (over 18), professional or semi-professional
  • Downloadable rules

On http://www.chateau-amboise.com/fr/galery/oeuvres-candidates

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